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DESCENDANTS is a limited edition, handmade, artist book, featuring original poetry. The covers are wood-burned, upcycled cedar shingles (which smell amazing!), & the inside features surreal black & white collages with typewriter text.

DESCENDANTS straddles the line between prayer & nightmare, dealing with themes of gender, generation, birth, death, violence, & legacies. My intention was to create the book as a material prayer, but as I began to work on it, the nightmare overwhelmed me, & the book took on the dimensions of a elegy. The covers are meant to evoke unsettling folk art, & are reminiscent of a photo album. The poetry itself is for mature audiences only. Content warning: sexual violence/rape & suicide. Available in both hard & soft cover editions.

Tiny Flower Books

Each cover features a hand-embroidered rose (available in three colors) on vintage, floral fabric. This origami book has a wide range of movement, & is so fun to play with! The inside features original haiku-esque poems about flowers, along with original botanical illustrations, that are individually colored with pastel & treated with (a very effective!) fixative. A tiny garden to keep in your pocket all year long! Perfect gift for flower lovers! Each book is 2.5″ by 2.5″. Limited edition of 25.

“Wild & Wise” is a handbound, witchy, lush, feminist poetry zine filled with vintage photographs, garden encyclopedia entries (from the 1930’s!) & other quirky ephemera! Limited edition of 50

“Delicious” is part travel writing, part imagined romance. The tale of the elusive “almost lover.” This prose poem reminisces about my time living in a Buddhist monastery in Bodh Gaya, India & the romance I could have had–if I’d been less anxious & depressed. It is both light & heavy. Serious & flirty. Depressed & bursting with color! The open spine structure doubles as both a “flutter book” & a “star book” & can be arranged into different shapes! Filled with beautiful, full-color, original photographs. Contains mature content & a few choice expletives. 😉

The first volume of “Tiny Spells Witchery” (may there be many more!) is an introduction to crystal healing. Topics covered include: how to cleanse & charge your crystal, an introduction to the chakra system & how it works alongside crystal healing, “casting crystals,” ways to incorporate crystals into your everyday routines & rituals, crystal grids, various “crystal features” with quick narrative overviews of several of my favorite crystals, & much more!

The inside features collage, ephemera, & suminagashi marbled paper. The zine contains four booklets that have been stitched together with the coptic stitch & each book comes with its own velvet ribbon bookmark & a small pouch with three small stones! Rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz. 30 pages/approximately 2,000 words. A perfect gift for budding witches, crystal lovers, & those seeking a unique, artistic introduction to crystal healing.

“Intro to Herbal Remedies” is the second book in the “Tiny Spells Witchery” how-to book series, produced by “Lady Book Witch Press” out of New Hampshire. This series combines the charm of handmade books & original art, with the expertise of practicing witches. “Intro to Herbal Remedies” is written by Nora Boyle, with contributions from six cherished friends: Love DeJesus, Kayla Degnan, Eva Eugenia Lynch-Comer, Meridian Azura, KT Glusac, & Hollie Hawk.

Being mindful & involved in your own health can be incredibly empowering…So often we are taught to trust experts over our gut feelings & our own experiences. Using herbal remedies can help you claim more autonomy over your body & develop healing relationships with plants & the natural world. Deciding to take a more active role in your own healing, can be intimidating…My hope is that this book will help ease some of those anxieties & provide a down-to-earth overview of what herbalism entails. There is a reason why herbal remedies are often called “folk remedies.” Folk medicine is crafted by the people & for the people…Herbalism is meant to be accessible & enjoyed by all.

This book covers topics such as: helpful tools, tinctures, salves, flower essences, sober remedies, adaptogens, doctrine of signatures, where to order herbs, herbal soaps, three methods of infusing oils, a glossary of botanical terms, & much much more!

Approximately 50 pages, measuring 5.5″ x 8.5″. Printed on card stock and 28 lb paper. Features over 16 illustrations by Nora Boyle.

The Cackling Kettle is a biannual, print literary magazine produced by Lady Book Witch Press out of New Hampshire. This publication features letterpress printed covers & hand-bound spines. Our inaugural issue features nineteen poems, from ten poets, as well as 10 black and white photographs.

The contributing writers and their poems are as follows:

Eva Lynch-Comer: Eva Lou, Queen Bee

Kayla Degnan: (un)certain, Untitled

Haley Tietz: Titleless Restlessness, Parsnips

Albert Ian Lunn: wyd?

Mac Doherty: where is that scream coming from?

Paula Weiman: After the Bonfire

Hollie Hawk: This page is not for hope., demons, Everything is okay.

Gene Kahane: The Find

Joe Rupprecht: gentle mollusk (daydream), Basho’s Bears (a translation from Japanese), transformation of the winged bodies, coral tree hymnalscape

Nora Boyle: barnacles, mite wash

As a publication we are especially interested in pieces that explore nature, witchcraft, feminism, farming, community, lgbtqia love, & all things Wild. We value work that is daring & different. Mostly, we are interested in printing poetry, very short works of fiction, & black & white visual art. Given our fascination with liminal spaces, we also love genre-less & genre-bending work.

34 pages, 5.5″ by 8.5″, limited edition of 60.

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